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The Zen of Meeting Women will put you on the path to ending your loneliness

This step by step process will lead you to the woman you want, and more. Weaving the foundational concepts of Zen into the simple process of getting out and meeting women, The Zen of Meeting Women teaches you everything you need to know.

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Stop negative self talk

Have you ever walked down the street and seen a cute girl coming your way? She's getting closer and your mind races. I wish I knew her. I bet she has a boyfriend. I'm probably not her type. Man I'd love to meet her. Oops, there she goes. Learn to recognize this type of self- talk for what it is. Stop psyching yourself out. Learn the steps that will take you from seeing her to meeting her. Life is short, don't spend it alone. Buy The Zen of Meeting Women today, and begin a journey that will bring fulfillment for a lifetime.

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Learn the secret to meeting great women, anytime, anywhere

The Zen of Meeting Women takes the power of Zen and uses it to help you meet great women.

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Would you like the confidence to walk up to any woman and start a conversation, get her phone number, and go on a date? Would you like to learn how to build and maintain attraction? With this step-by-step guide, you'll soon be meeting more women than you ever dreamed of. The Zen of Meeting Women is a milestone in the genre, combining for the first time the fundamental principals of Zen with the age-old quest for the perfect mate. Along the way you'll learn everything you need to know to achieve the success you desire.

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You'll learn:
  • Where and when to meet women
  • How to approach
  • How to pump up your connection
  • The magic touch
  • How to close
  • Going for the kiss
  • Flirting through text, email, phone
  • Zen and the art of making love
  • and more!
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